Four Ways to Stand Out During Your Internship

Being an intern can be intimidating. You enter a new workplace and you’re often tasked with something that requires you to apply skills you’ve hardly ever used outside of coursework and exams. Nonetheless, even as an intern, you have the ability to apply key design thinking techniques to enhance your experience.

Last Thursday, we went into detail on several success principles to ensure you’re successful during your internship. Now that you’re all set up for success during your internship, it’s vital that you truly dedicate yourself to making an impact.

Standing Out & Making A Difference


When you’re an intern, it’s important that you make yourself known. Go out of your way to talk to people and understand what it is that they’re doing. These connections will be vital, and you’ll learn so much during your internship through these simple actions.


Passion is what motivates you to keep going. Through passion, we continue to learn and adapt to change. You must remain passionate throughout your internship, regardless of your short-term assignment, and show an unwavering dedication to your long-term success.


Do some research before you start. In addition, ask the team about some of the tools you can start using on your own to ensure you’ll be more successful when you start. Spend some time closely reviewing these materials before your first day.


Document your progress and what you’ve done throughout the internship. While these notes and records are intended for your own reference, they can be instrumental in guiding the organization in developing automated practices for duplication and long-term success.

Final Thoughts

Be sure to prepare for your interview, make a lasting impact, and always strive to improve your skills.

Remember, you’re not simply here for an internship, you should aim to make a lasting impression as if you’re staying or hoping to apply again later for a full-time position.

With this mindset, you’ll be challenged to always push yourself and to take every opportunity given to meet and interact with others within the organization.

Are you feeling confident and ready to pursue a new opportunity?

Well great, stay tuned for what we have to say about avoiding critical internship mistakes next Thursday.

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