When it comes to launching a product into the market, the real work starts with the generation of ideas. You must encourage your team and your users to dream big and push the solution beyond what they know or what they believe is viable.

In order to get customers to think big and accept something they don’t know, you have to help get them there.

We’re going to uncover three go-to-market considerations that are often overlooked by teams.

Three Go-To-Market Considerations Often Overlooked

Leveraging Internal Customers

Go to market when your customers are internal. When you have easy access to…

Last week, we discussed ways to improve product management. This week, we will take a look at ethics and related considerations product managers must understand when developing products.

Product management, like many other professions, requires ethics and integrity. Therefore it’s essential that product managers either follow a code of ethics outlined by their organization or similar policies that have been established by their stakeholders.

But if your organization doesn’t already have clear ethics or if you’re looking to suggest some improvements, we’ll review some new elements for you to consider.

Ensuring Best Intent

For some products, the collection of data…

Today, everyone’s in a rush and it often feels like no one is truly listening. Being that listening ear to someone is key and can make all the difference. This is especially true when it comes to designing a new product or system.

Let’s continue to analyze how design thinking is helping drive innovation within our healthcare system. Throughout this blog, we will review four core components of design thinking as they relate to the healthcare industry.

Four Core Elements of Design Thinking


During this phase, use words and questions like, “Tell us about your experience? What are your…

Learn Six Ways to Improve Your Organization’s Product Management

When it comes to product management, you never stop learning. Another thing you’ll need to learn how to do is always keep improving. Every day you will be presented with a “new problem and you will need to learn a new way to tackle it.”

Luckily, you’re not alone. Here, I will present some tips on how to improve product management.

Remember Your Stakeholders

When designing products, product managers have many stakeholders to consider. They must ensure that their product meets the goals, expectations, and requirements of each stakeholder respectively. Some of these stakeholders are internal to the organization while…

Identify Some Key Differences Between Personal Brands and Company Brands

Branding is often so difficult for business owners as they struggle to identify themselves and set themselves apart from their competition. With many individuals looking at others for inspiration, creativity is often so limited these days.

One of the main challenges when it comes to branding is knowing how to market and brand differently when working with a personal brand and working with a company brand that sells a particular product or service. Regardless of your type of brand, you must focus on three key concepts: perception, culture, and structure.


Remember that every interaction you have with your customers…

Learn How to Combat Imposter Syndrome in the Workplace.

For many of us, imposter syndrome starts in college (or earlier!) and follows us into the workplace, and can inhibit our professional growth.

If you are suffering from imposter syndrome, you’re not alone. Many leaders and successful entrepreneurs and business people are known to suffer from imposter syndrome. According to The Internal Journal of Behavioral Science, 70% of people at some point in their life suffer from imposter syndrome.

As design thinkers, our job isn’t constant. We don’t produce the same work every time, and as a result, it’s common for…

Leveraging Design Thinking As a Way To Stay Ahead of The Competition

Branding is always an ongoing process. It’s a challenge many businesses face and will continue to stay a topic that we discussed in “Mindset Towards Building A Standout Brand”. Today, let’s continue to address ways a brand can stay relevant and stand out from competitors operating within the same industry.

Everyone is competing at this point and through the Internet, it is easier to connect with a competitor located across the country. The problem is, your customers can just as easily connect with that same competitor and purchase products directly from them.

So, how do you stand out from them…

A Quick Look At Three Stages of Design Thinking When Applied To The Healthcare Industry

Throughout many industries, we continue to face what is known as a human challenge. This problem persists even within the Healthcare industry. In designing new programs and systems, you need to maintain focus on the human being. In this definition of human beings, we aim to include the provider, healthcare administrator, and the public health official as well as the traditional patient.

In this discussion, we will apply this mindset to the analysis of the impact of COVID-19 on women’s mental health.

Definition & Process

Design thinking is composed of three parts. The customer wants desirability. Then we must determine…

Learn Six Tips From Successful Entrepreneurs That Will Help You Start A Profitable Business.

We’ve explored so many topics, and every day we continue to learn that while business is hard, it is also fun and rewarding. Today, we will explore six tips that can help you launch your business regardless of whether you’re marketing a physical or digital product. While digital products tend to be easier when it comes to backend business costs, the conventional physical product is still very popular.

Regardless, it’s often a challenge for people to go from everyday professional to the experienced business owner. …

For those looking on how to stand out from other brands to make a true difference in the market.

We’ve probably all heard this phrase in some form or the other:

“It’s easy to build a brand, but it’s hard to scale a business”.

There are so many businesses today and each is looking for a way to stand out amongst the crowd and make a difference. With such a saturated market, it’s very difficult to navigate through the customer acquisition process to secure new business and even more difficult to find ways to really resonate with your audience.

Today, let’s review some tips on how you can stand out from the crowd in order to achieve your goals…

Jeff Eyet

Educator + Entrepreneur who lives for the “aha!” moment. Co-Founder @theberkeleyinnovationgroup, @healthcarebydesign. Lecturer of Design Thinking @BerkeleyHaas.

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