Learn Six Ways to Improve Your Organization’s Product Management

When it comes to product management, you never stop learning. Another thing you’ll need to learn how to do is always keep improving. Every day you will be presented with a “new problem and you will need to learn a new way to tackle it.”

Luckily, you’re not alone. Here…

Identify Some Key Differences Between Personal Brands and Company Brands

Branding is often so difficult for business owners as they struggle to identify themselves and set themselves apart from their competition. With many individuals looking at others for inspiration, creativity is often so limited these days.

One of the main challenges when it comes to branding is knowing how to…

Learn How to Combat Imposter Syndrome in the Workplace.

For many of us, imposter syndrome starts in college (or earlier!) and follows us into the workplace, and can inhibit our professional growth.

If you are suffering from imposter syndrome, you’re not alone. Many leaders and successful entrepreneurs and business people…

For those looking on how to stand out from other brands to make a true difference in the market.

We’ve probably all heard this phrase in some form or the other:

“It’s easy to build a brand, but it’s hard to scale a business”.

There are so many businesses today and each is looking for a way to stand out amongst the crowd and make a difference. With such…

Jeff Eyet

Educator + Entrepreneur who lives for the “aha!” moment. Co-Founder @theberkeleyinnovationgroup, @healthcarebydesign. Lecturer of Design Thinking @BerkeleyHaas.

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